Friday, February 21, 2014

Awesome Deal on Luvs Diapers at Big Lots

I wanted to share this awesome deal on Luv's diapers I scored today. Since I am expecting baby #2 in May I have already began stocking up on diapers. So, while shopping at Big Lots today I decided to check the diaper isle. And boy am I glad I did!!! Here is the deal I found:

Luvs Mega Pack - 86 Diapers - Size 1 - $7.50

Luvs Mega Pack - 74 Diapers - Size 2 - $7.50

That comes out to be under .09¢ for size 1 and .10¢ for size 2!!!! I was so happy. Too bad they only had 2 packs of each size. 

I know that they hold items until closing so I suggest you call your local Big Lots and ask them to place some on hold for you. 

Here is the same pack for sale on Amazon for $28.97. Yikes!!!! 
Luvs Mega Pack -86 Diapers - Size 1

Oh and the cool part, no coupon needed!

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